This is the best app if you are composing a story. This deserve five stars!

Tanya Villafuerte

I. Am. In. LOVE. With this app. Simply the best app I've found on the store or, really, about anywhere.


Truly a wonderful app. I used a similar program, but this is easier and it's nice to have it on the go!

Marian Klatt

This app is amazing, it helps a lot for book writing and I love how it helps me plan and plot the story.


This app is exactly what I needed to keep my stories organised. It's a great tool!

Wihan Hendrikz

Love how I could manage all these thoughts in my head and put it down.

Faris Salleh

Advanced Features

Output compilation

Output your book in many different formats according to your needs, suitable for ebook readers or word processors

Rich Text Editor

Novelist provides a Rich Text Editor to edit your texts, with advanced formatting, comments, autosave, counters and revision history

Backup and Restore

Save your work with our backup/restore system on any available storage provider: internal, external or cloud


Goal Setting

Set your desired word count or due date and Novelist will track your chapter-by-chapter progress up to completion

Integrated Preview

Preview your book's final output without leaving Novelist, and enjoy the result without distractions


Use one of the provided templates or create your custom one, including categories, statuses, items and metadata

Actual Facts

1Download The App On Your Smartphone

It's very easy to find and install Novelist on your smartphone. Just follow the above link or search in the Android marketplace. Click on Install App and you're done.

Novelist is completely free: no buying costs, in-app purchases or hidden charges. And no ads too, so you can concentrate only on what matters to you: writing!

Novelist sports a complete tutorial and an in-app help section. Non enough? Just use our email or the provided contact form to get in touch, and we'll answer as soon as possible.


Always At Hand

Have you ever had that brilliant idea and no place to mark it? Novelist is like a structured notebook that is always with you on your favorite device: your smartphone.

  • Save the traits of your characters and places
  • Write scenes and structure chapters on the go
FAQ Details

Monitor Your Progresses

Do you think you'll never be able to finish writing your book? Track your progress and set goals to increase focus on the final result.

Video Showcase

Check out below Novelist's video from YouYube, for a brief showcase of its screens and features.








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